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Scott & White Healthcare surgeon studying SILS

Scott & White surgeon Harry Papaconstantinou, M.D., is comparing single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) short term outcomes and cost against the standard laparoscopic (LAP) and hand assisted laparoscopic (HAL) techniques for colon removal or reduction procedures.  Dr. Papaconstantinou is the chief of Scott & White’s Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

SILS procedures are performed at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, and Scott & White Hospital – Round Rock. Often described as “keyhole” surgery, minimally invasive procedures use specially designed instruments inserted through small incisions, including a tiny video monitor lens for guiding the surgeons.

Dr. Papaconstantinou’s study says that minimally invasive procedures have become the standard for a colectomy, the removal of all or part of the colon. The LAP and HAL techniques have been shown to be beneficial to patient outcomes. SILS is a newer laparoscopic approach, and Dr. Papaconstantinou says the benefits have not been validated through direct comparison to the established procedures. The study’s investigation includes reviews of operating time data, post operative length of say, and costs.

The study shows that SILS patients were discharged home up to two days sooner than with the other techniques. Dr. Papconstantinou is still getting data, which now suggests patients may experience decreased pain compared to HALS and LAP.  Other short term outcomes were similar.

The study has been submitted for publication and peer review.

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