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King’s Daughters baby delivery moves to Scott & White in Temple

By September 1, 2010, maternity patients will no longer be admitted at King’s Daughters Hospital, but instead will be giving birth at Scott & White’s flagship hospital, just around the corner on S. 31st Street in Temple. The last deliveries at King’s Daughters Hospital will occur during the final week of August.

Why? Because on September 1, construction activity begins. King’s Daughters Hospital is in the process of converting into a freestanding children’s hospital. The construction and conversion will take 12 months.

Drs. Alicia Furman, Marisol Carpio-Brown and Michelle Spears will deliver babies and provide inpatient gynecological care for their patients at Scott & White. Regular check-ups by the three physicians will continue at the Women’s Center of King’s Daughters Clinic.

Scott & White Hospital in Temple offers totally modernized facilities for maternity labor and delivery. Two dozen private mother-baby suites provide a luxurious and comfortable setting for mother, baby and family, all backed by a state-of-the-art security system.

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