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Atrial Fibrillation treatment is target of CABANA research study; Scott & White one location

Atrial Fibrillation is a heart disorder where the rhythm pattern of the muscle is out of sync between the upper and lower chambers. Often referred to as “A-fib,” it is a condition that is becoming more common, with the potential for causing other serious problems and sometimes death.

There are established and proven approaches to treatment of A-fib; one is a medication approach, and another is performing a catheter ablation. Scott & White is participating in a nationwide research study to help determine what treatment approach may be best in certain situations. The name is the CABANA research study.

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Scott & White is one of seven clinical locations in Texas currently recruiting participants for the CABANA research study.

Dr Fitzgerald says the patient population targeted for this study is male or female, aged 65 or older with atrial fibrillation, or under 65 with risk factors for stroke associated with A-fib, such as diabetes hypertension heart failure prior stroke.

Specific information about the study is available from the clinical research coordinator at phone number 254.724.5373.

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