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Scott & White – Round Rock Launches Spine Center

Back pain affects 80% of Americans at some time in their lives and comes in many forms, from lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain to low back pain with sciatica as well as neck pain. Common back pain causes include nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis. Many people seek relief from symptoms of back pain with pain medication or pain killers.

Scott & White Healthcare – Round Rock has opened a new Spine Center at 302 University Blvd. that provides a single point of access for patients to receive comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and cross-disciplinary treatment and management of neck and back pain.

The new center includes specialized care in neurology, pain management, physical therapy and spine surgery along with diagnostic testing all under one roof with highly-coordinated care for the patient.

“We’re offering the highest level spine and pain care to our community in one location,” said Mark Santman, MD, Orthopedic/Spine Surgeon at Scott & White Healthcare – Round Rock. “If a patient presents with generalized back pain and later needs surgery, we can provide everything they need now and in the future.”

Santman went on to explain that what is unique about the program is that “patients are able to see several specialists in a single visit — neurology, pain management as well as physical therapy.”

The Spine Center at Scott & White – Round Rock emphasizes collaboration between physicians and specialists as a means to ensure patients get the right medical care for their specific situations. In many cases, all specialty services may be involved in the patient’s overall care.

“This collaborative orthopedic and spinal surgery program gives Central Texans access to all the resources they need to manage a complete list of spine and pain-related diseases and injuries,” said Ernie Bovio, CEO for Scott & White Healthcare – Round Rock Region. “Our program brings together top physicians in their field, clinical support for diagnostics, surgical and non-surgical treatment and post-treatment therapies.” Bovio went on to say “this is another example of how Scott & White-Round Rock is raising the bar for both the quality and accessibility of healthcare delivery in this region.”

“Our new spine center reflects our continued commitment to providing the most personalized, multidisciplinary, comprehensive spine care available anywhere right here in Round Rock,” said Dr. Santman. “We’re offering our patients the most advanced technologies, techniques and treatments, including minimally-invasive surgeries. We believe programs like this will help ensure that patients in our community don’t have to leave the area to get the world-class care they deserve in one location.”

Among the spinal conditions the program can address include decompression for nerve and/or spinal cord compression secondary to degenerative changes, trauma, infection, or tumor, fusion for cervical, thoracic or lumbar instability (spondylolisthesis) and adult scoliosis.

Call 512-509-BACK for an appointment. Patients can self-refer.  For more information on the new Spine Center visit roundrock.sw.org.  In addition to Dr. Santman, other members of the Spine Center team include Biral T. Patel, MD, Director of Pain Management, as well as Neurologists Jeffrey Tramonte, MD and Branavan Mahadeva, MD.

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