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Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center update on West tragedy

WACO, Texas – During the events of the past 10 hours, the focus of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center – Scott & White Healthcare has been on assessing and treating the patients who arrived at our facility and on preparing for the possibility of receiving additional patients as search and recovery efforts continue.

Of those we have treated, 28 were admitted and continue to receive care as inpatients. Five of those are being treated in our intensive care units.   Two pediatric trauma patients were transferred from our facility to the McLane’s Children’s Scott & White Hospital in Temple. Additionally, 12 elderly patients, who were reportedly nursing home residents from West, were able to be treated and discharged to alternative nursing home facilities. In addition to the patients who were admitted, transferred or discharged to another healthcare facility, more than 50 patients were treated and released from the Emergency Department and left with family and friends.

We are very proud of the work of our physicians, nurses and other staff who responded to this emergency. They train and prepare for events like this and mobilized very quickly to respond professionally, efficiently and with all of the needed resources. We had well over 250 physicians and staff respond to our hospital’s campus to provide medical care to those injured in the explosion. The regional coordination and response from our Regional Trauma System, law enforcement, emergency responders and the community at large has been heroic.

The people of our community and Central Texas have once again demonstrated our ability to face unexpected challenges and to respond with resilience and strength. We are proud to serve in such a community, and our thoughts and prayers remain with the people of West.

Glenn Robinson, CEO, Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center

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