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Have You Heard of GERD?

Heartburn is termed GERD or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease when heartburn affects your quality of life, and/or there is actual damage to the esophagus from esophageal reflux. The Scott & White Hospital – Round Rock was the first facility in the Central Texas region to perform the LINX procedure for heartburn and acid reflux. This is the only FDA-approved device for the treatment of heartburn and GERD.

Heartburn actually has nothing to do with your heart, but everything to do with your stomach and esophagus. When food from your stomach goes back up into the esophagus, the esophagus can become irritated and even damaged. That’s what causes the burning feeling.

“The procedure can be done as an outpatient and patients are followed closely afterward to ensure that everything is working well,” said F. Paul Buckley III, MD, General Surgeon at Scott & White Hospital – Round Rock.

For more information, please visit heartburn.sw.org or call: 512-509-GERD (4373).

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