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Baylor student, Megan Ritzi condition update

Megan Ritzi, 18, of Fort Worth is nearing the end of her treatment at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. The Baylor University student survived an automobile accident in July, which occurred as she and three other students were traveling to a clarinet performance in Louisiana.

She was initially transported to Scott & White Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries on July 29. After multiple surgeries, her condition improved and she was transferred to Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation on August 13 to start her rehab process.

Megan Ritzi attending rehabilitation.

Megan Ritzi attending rehabilitation.

Amy Wilson, MD, medical director of Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation at Dallas and Ritzi’s physician, gave an update to Ritz’s condition in the video below.

“Today is the 29th of August. We anticipate Megan is going to discharge to her grandmother’s home in Ft. Worth tomorrow, Saturday, August 30.”

“When she was brought up from Baylor Scott & White in Temple to Baylor Rehab a few weeks ago, she was a much different person than she is now. It probably took two or three days before she even opened her eyes or I saw her with her eyes open. She was somewhat withdrawn. But every day after that she has really improved. Every day has been an accomplishment. She has embraced new things every single day; gained a new skill. I’ve watched her become more confident. She has been able to tackle things she would never had imagined doing before this accident,” said Dr. Wilson.

More photos are available here.

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