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Warriors Research Institute Aims to Help Military Veterans and Emergency Responders

Event showcases completed and ongoing research helping our heroes who experience traumatic events

The Warriors Research Institute (WRI), part of Baylor Scott & White Health, hosted an open house event today to showcase its latest research accomplishments and ongoing research projects. The aim of the WRI is to improve care for veterans and emergency responders. The WRI, a division of Baylor Scott & White Health’s Academic Operations, uses programs of scientific inquiry to develop and disseminate new treatments for those suffering from conditions caused by the aftermath and effects of toxic or traumatic work events.

“Research suggests that a subset of first responders and military veterans who are exposed to traumatic events are at a higher risk for depression and PTSD,” said Suzy Gulliver, Ph.D., director of the Warriors Research Institute. “Now we must work to help our heroes not only cope, but overcome their challenges due to these events and our Institute hopes to address a myriad of issues they are dealing with.”

The WRI conducts research studies year-round at a 6,000 square-foot facility located in the MacArthur Building near the old Hillcrest Hospital campus in Waco. The Institute is designed much like a clinic and features eight treatment rooms, a medical library, six assessment rooms, and a conference room.

The WRI collaborates nationally with researchers from a number of medical centers, academic institutions, government entities, and associations including Baylor University, Texas A&M University, Seattle Pacific University, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the International Association for Firefighter’s, Austin Fire Department, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, Duke University Medical Center, and the New York City Fire Department.

The WRI’s research integrates clinical practices and education as part of its mission. In addition to providing and evaluating state-of-the-art experimental treatments, WRI trains future generations of treatment providers in evolving evidence-based care.

“Research has been and will continue to be the key in identifying and creating medical solutions that benefit every member of society,” Donald Wesson, MD., Chief Academic Officer at Baylor Scott & White Health. “This Institute in part, will help discover how to better address the needs of this specific population and ultimately help create best practices when they experience traumatic events.”

For individuals living in Central Texas, there are opportunities for veterans, emergency responders, and their family members to participate in research aimed to improve care for our warriors now and in the future. For more information about completed studies, to enroll in a current study, or to contact researchers about collaborating on future projects visit the WRI website at wri.sw.org.

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