Biomarker research: a study for heart care

August 4, 2010

Scott & White cardiologist and researcher Dr. Nandini Nair is launching a new study aimed at generating a biomarker profile for diastolic dysfunction, a disease where the heart muscle does not relax effectively during the cardiac cycle. Using the proteomic approach Dr. Nair will test blood samples to identify differentially expressed proteins by comparing healthy […]

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Scott & White Healthcare awarded three key grants

July 28, 2010

Texas-based Scott & White Healthcare has received three grants that provide education support to working nursing students, set up a senior health research center, and establish systems for treating child abuse and educating those who treat it. The three grants, totaling nearly $2 million, include: Nursing education.  In partnership with Temple College and the University […]

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Scott & White surgeons study robot use for posterior adrenalectomy

June 3, 2010

Surgeons at Scott & White Healthcare in Texas are the first to use a minimally invasive robot-assisted procedure to remove small tumors on the adrenal glands, and do so by entering from the patient’s back. A study on the feasibility of this approach will be published in the next Journal of Endourology. The adrenal gland […]

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Scott & White clinical trials target lymphoma, leukemia

May 18, 2010

Scott & White’s Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is participating in and seeking subjects for an international study that targets adult relapsed or refractory B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. “This study is important in our efforts to find new and better ways to treat patients with leukemia or lymphoma,” said Arthur E. Frankel, M.D., […]

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ICU delirium is target of Scott & White study

April 13, 2010

The relationship between sleep, the circadian rhythm, and delirium in elderly ICU patients is the focus of a two-year study by Scott & White Healthcare pulmonary specialist Dr. Shirley Fong Jones. Delirium is a frequent complication for elderly patients in hospital intensive care units. There are two parts to Dr. Jones’ research. One involves examining […]

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Scott & White researcher looking at way to slow kidney damage

March 29, 2010

Reducing blood acidity with the alkali treatment sodium citrate may be a way to slow or delay complete kidney failure caused by hypertension, according to the finding of a study lead by Dr. Donald E. Wesson. Dr. Wesson’s study considered how endothelin affected kidney function over time. Endothelin is a hormone produced in the kidney […]

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Scott & White Healthcare researchers studying investigational agent that targets metastatic breast cancer

March 25, 2010

Scott & White Healthcare researchers are studying an investigational agent that targets metastatic breast cancer to find if it can stop cancer cells from continuing to grow. Breast cancer patients, whose disease has spread despite treatment, could be eligible to participate in a Phase II clinical trial to determine the efficacy of an investigational agent […]

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Health care research and delivery is focus of upcoming HMO Conference

March 18, 2010

Groundbreaking research examining medication management, health care delivery and outcomes, and new opportunities for health maintenance organizations (HMO) to engage in Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) will be presented at the upcoming HMO Research Network (HMORN) 16th Annual Conference, Emerging Frontiers in Healthcare Research and Delivery. HMORN will bring researchers from 16 large not for profit […]

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Scott & White Healthcare pathologist is co-investigator on breast cancer study

March 9, 2010

In a laboratory study published in the journal Cancer Research, Scott & White Healthcare anatomic pathologist Arundhati Rao, M.D. is a co-investigator looking at the ways in which estrogen can interfere with how chemotherapy does its job in destroying breast cancer cells.  The most common type of breast cancer is “estrogen-receptor positive” breast cancer. Velusamy […]

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Scott & White Healthcare surgeon studying SILS

February 24, 2010

Scott & White surgeon Harry Papaconstantinou, M.D., is comparing single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) short term outcomes and cost against the standard laparoscopic (LAP) and hand assisted laparoscopic (HAL) techniques for colon removal or reduction procedures.  Dr. Papaconstantinou is the chief of Scott & White’s Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery. SILS procedures are performed […]

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